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You want to increase your customer base, effectively link all of your employees, or simply be able to reach as many people as possible? Well, think of this: over 6 billion people from all over the world use mobile phones. About 84 percent of them keep their phones within 10 feet at all times. These numbers are difficult to overestimate. Why Mobile Application Development and Outsource Mobile Application Development? Considering the above mentioned statistics, it is fairly easy to answer that question. The constant potential reach of your custom mobile application is over 5 billion people. Even the reach of the Internet cannot compete with this number. Moreover, the Internet audience might very well be added to the mobile audience, as most of the modern day mobile phones support Internet access. read more on XIM

"We carry your Business to many hands through Mobile"

Our first app development process is Strategy, We understand your goals and review potential competitors. We attempt to define the minimum number of features that would be required before testing and validating the concept. Nextone is UI/UX Design, our User Experience (UX), design and engineering teams work together to define the overall plan for the application and begin working on the foundations of the app. Next one is iOS, Android, Responsive Web Development : The engineering team takes over and starts integrating the designs and begin work on backend as well as the front-end features and user flow. Next one is QA, As prototypes are produced, QA team rigorously reviews the product to create a well-polished piece of software and quashing bugs and inconsistencies. Next one is Deployment, When you feel comfortable that the application is complete, we prepare it for submission to the app store with text for the app description and to choose appropriate screenshots. Next one is Live on App Store This really is the time to celebrate when the App Stores approve the app and it goes live! We help you with the next steps of marketing the app.

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